Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 52: 25-Feb-2011

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DharmaQuiz Session 52:  25-Feb-2011
  1. Name Yama's capital #DharmaQuiz 557 Ans: Sayamini Nagar
  2. In which state is Baisakhi celebrated with the most visible pomp & fare? #DharmaQuiz 558 Ans: Punjab
  3. Who cursed women to be not able to keep secrets? He was a major part of Mahabharata. #DharmaQuiz 559 Ans: Yudhishthira
  4. How many heads does the creator Brahma have? #DharmaQuiz 560 Ans: Four
  5. Who wrote 'Bharata Champoo' Sanskrit book? #DharmaQuiz 561 Ans: Anantha Bhatta
  6. What's the name of Sword in Vishnu's hand? #DharmaQuiz 562 Ans: Nandaka
  7. Name the Adhi Devata or Prime Goddess of Madhurai. #DharmaQuiz 563 Ans: Meenakshi
  8. {Final, Open till 7PM} Name the capital of the god of winds, Vayu. #DharmaQuiz 564 Ans: Gandhavati Nagar
Thanks to all those who participated in this session. Since I got delayed in compiling the right answers, skipping the listing of names for this session. Aplogies.

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