Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Famous Ganesha Temples in India

#DharmaQuiz Session 367: 6-Sep-2016

#DharmaQuiz 2226: 18 feet high and 16 feet wide. ~460 years old majestic Ganesha in Bengaluru. Who got it carved?
DQ 2226. Pic: www.karnataka.com
Ans: Kempe Gowda.
Fastest 3 correct answers: @iamshreyakool, @ChaitanyaAdvait and @man8shree.

#DharmaQuiz 2227: Which year was the famous Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati temple in Pune completed?

DQ 2227: Pic: tripadvisor.com
Ans: Year 1893.
Fastest 3 correct answers:  ‏@man8shree, @ChaitanyaAdvait and @SuprithVantimar

#DharmaQuiz 2228: This 350+ year old Manakula Vinayagar temple survived both British and French destruction attempts. Where is it?

Ans: Puducherry
Fastest 3 correct answers: @RajaramMusings, @gnswamy74, @darshanbirur

#DharmaQuiz 2229: This famous Ganesh temple is at 6500 ft above sea, in the Himalayas. In which state?
DQ 2229. Pic: engrave.in

Ans: Sikkim.
Fastest 3 correct answers: @DonaldSingha, @psxyz and @ChaitanyaAdvait.

#DharmaQuiz 2230: This Trinetra Ganesh temple overlooks a National Park that is very famous for its tigers. Where?
DQ 2230. Pic from dnaindia
Ans: Ranthambore national park or Sawai Madhopur village, Rajasthan
Fastest 3 correct answers:  ‏@delhi_lawyer, @man8shree and @ChaitanyaAdvait 

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Happy Ganesha Chaturthi, 2016.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Famous Sanskrit Quotes

#DharmaQuiz Session 366: 2-Sep-2016

#DharmaQuiz 2221: The famous Vedantic line "Brahma satyam, jagat mithya" is from Viveka Chudamani. Who wrote this 580 verse Sanskrit poem? 

Ans: Adi Shankara
Fastest 3 correct answers: @destinationsrik, @dhpavan and @sridhar_savitha

#DharmaQuiz 2222: The very famous promise of Shri Krishna, "Dharma samsthapanarthaya, sambhavami yuge yuge" - is from which chapter of Gita? 

Ans: "Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga". 
Fastest 3 correct answers: @AbleArcher7, @iAjKP and @_toxfire

#DharmaQuiz 2223: Bankim Chandra's "Sasya Shyamalam mataram, Vande Mataram" was first sung on a political stage (Congress) in 1896. By whom? 

Ans: Rabindra Nath Tagore.
Fastest 3 correct answers: @AbleArcher7, @dhpavan and @_toxfire

#DharmaQuiz 2224: The famous Suprabhata lines - "Kausalya Supraja Rama", was sung in Ramayana by which famous Guru, to young sleeping Rama? 

Ans: Vishwamitra.
Fastest 3 correct answers: @_toxfire, @iAjKP and @sridhar_savitha

{Final} #DharmaQuiz 2225: The Rig Vedic aphorism "Bahujana sukhaya bahujana hitaya cha" was suggested by a famous Guru 2500 years back. Who? 

Ans: Gautama Buddha.
Fastest 3 correct answers: @iAjKP, @_toxfire and @db_is_db