Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DharmaQuiz Questions & Answers: Session 1 through 19

DharmaQuiz (Twitter Hashtag #DharmaQuiz) is a fun way of educating ourselves about Dharma, loosely translated as way of life or religion. It is a Hindu concept . Don't worry, there is no heavy duty preaching or sermons here, or mind boggling discussions involving God or no God, whose religion is better kind of themes. Its a simple 5 to 10 questions per session, usually twice a week. I am usually the one publishing questions and following up with the answers, but anyone on Twitter can ask questions. Note that my sources are Wiki, various websites, my mother, books on Hinduism by eminent authors like Mr.Narasimha Murthy or Mr.Kashyap. The intention is purely for knowledge exchange, and the effort is mostly recycling the vast amount of religious, scriptural or spiritual information already out there for millenia.

Right now the schedule is Tuesday and Friday afternoons, India time. So if you are on Twitter, participate each time, improve your Dharma Quotient & also followup with discussions involving other passionate participants. If not, just follow this Blog and do feel to comment honestly. All kinds of interactions are welcome, particularly if any correction is there to suggest.

Those who are not familiar with Twitter, please note that anything starting with "@" here, till the next empty space, denotes a user ID. If their name is listed, most likely they answered the question right. Since this Blog will track more meticulously starting 21-Sep-2010 (Question 249 onwards), some earlier sessions may have incomplete answers or credits for correct answers. So bear with me. Twitter unfortunately doesn't store history beyond a week, so we will play it fair going forward.

If you want to use these questions and answers for your own Quiz or Blog or other formats, please do so freely. Passing on credit is suggested, but not mandatory :)

So here we go! :)

 Session 1:
  1. How many (Aastika) darshanas are there? #DharmaQuiz 108 Ans: Six By: @saikumar_k
  2. Which prominent #Bhakti movement composer had a nickname 'Navakoti Narayana' (koti = crore) - #DharmaQuiz 109 - Ans: Purandara Dasa By: @saikumar_k @pawandurani @pavanaja
  3. Name the most famous classical dance form that originated in #Andhra Pradesh -#DharmaQuiz 110 Ans: Kuchipudi; By: @kishan_harathi @saikumar_k @Charakan @amodiahs
  4. What was the childhood nae of #Mahavira ? #DharmaQuiz 111 Ans: Vardhaman - By @amsrjn @pawandurani
  5. Which famous South Indian religious reformer used 'Koodala Sangama' in his verses? #DharmaQuiz 112 Ans:Basavanna By: @saikumar_k @gkamesh
  6. Abhi Jnana Shakuntala, a great Sanskrit play of Kalidasa, is based off which #Hindu epic? #DharmaQuiz 113 -Ans: Mahabharata; By: @saikumar_k @eabhvee @daps1312 @centerofright @EpicDetector
  7. Earliest founder of Magadha (today's Bihar) kingdom, Jarasandha, was whose descendant? - #DharmaQuiz 114
  8. Name Lakshmana's mother in #Ramayana - #DharmaQuiz 116 -Ans: Sumitra By: @saikumar_k, @rupalimk @SivaChandan @amodiahs @AmareshRath @rsenthilkumar
  9. Name Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's father - #DharmaQuiz 117 Ans: Khudiram chattopadhay; By: @NR_Tatvamasi
  10. Who composed 'Nityanandakari Varabhayakari' prayer for Goddess Annapurneshwari - #DharmaQuiz 118 Ans: Adi Shankara; By: @NR_Tatvamasi @saikumar_k @gkamesh

Session 2:
  1. Which God does 'Ashutosh' signify? #DharmaQuiz 119 - God Shiva
  2. Gautama Buddha's father's name? #DharmaQuiz 120 - Shudhodana
  3. In Chandramana calendar which months are part of #Sharad ritu?  #DharmaQuiz 121 - Ashwayuja & Kartika
  4. As per Gregorian calendar, when did 'Vikram Shaka' start? #DharmaQuiz 122 - 56BC
  5. According to Puranas, what's Agni's vehicle? #DharmaQuiz 123 - He Goat (Tagaru)

Session 3:
  1. Name Prahlada's father -- #DharmaQuiz 124 - Ans: Hiranya Kashipu (Not Kashyap) By: @prashanthkpp @nharipra @zincoshine
  2. Name Bengal's ancient Sanskrit name - #DharmaQuiz 125 Ans: Vanga Desha (listen to Jana Gana Mana) By: @sbhagat10 
  3. Which Mantra is also known as panchkshari (5 lettered one)? - #DharmaQuiz  126 (Om) Namah Shivay By: @nharipra @bharkadatta @_SHIVANGI__
  4. Name the famous #Mysore king who was also known as 'Rajarshi' - #DharmaQuiz 127 Ans: Fourth Krishnaraja Wadeyar (No one answered it right)
  5. Per Puranas, in which punya kshetra did #Ravana place the sacred Atma Linga? #DharmaQuiz  128 Ans: Gokarna (Karnataka) By: @nharipra @gkamesh
  6. Which Hindustani classical singer got the very first Kalidas samman award? - #DharmaQuiz 131 Ans: Mallikarjun Mansur (None got it right)
  7. Who is called as the father of Carnatic classical music? - #DharmaQuiz 132 Ans: Purandara Dasa By: @saikumar_k @nharipra @digirak
  8. Who is the exclusive sculptor (Deva Shilpi) of Gods in Puranas? - #DharmaQuiz 134 - Ans: Vishwa Karma By: @saikumar_k @Sshankara
  9. What was Shiva's vehicle? Obviously, stock markets around the world pray to this each day:)- #DharmaQuiz 136 Ans: Nandi By: @SivaChandan @motihariwala @karambir_nain  @debaduttakar @amodiahs @arunvipra @avirnenirao @AmareshRath
  10. Name Tulsi Das' most famous work- #DharmaQuiz 137 Ans: RamaCharit Manas By: @zincoshine @AmareshRath @sbhagat10 @motihariwala @saikumar_k
  11. Name the famous German Indologist who called himself 'Moksha Mula Bhatta' - #DharmaQuiz  139 Ans: Max Mueller By: @pavanaja @saikumar_k

Session 4:
  1. Name #Krishna's Shanka's name - #DharmaQuiz 141
  2. Which Veda has Samvada Sukta? - #DharmaQuiz 142
  3. What's the name of script in which #Sanskrit is written in - #DharmaQuiz 143
  4. What's the name of #Vishnu's gada (weapon)? - #DharmaQuiz 144
  5. What's name 21st century name of a country from which #Gandhari came from in #Mahabharata? - #DharmaQuiz 145
  6. What's the other name of #Amarakosha? - #DharmaQuiz 146
  7. What's the name of the sea that Devas & Asuras did "manthana" (churn) in? - #DharmaQuiz 147
  8. What's the other prominent name of Omkara? - #DharmaQuiz 148
  9. Which loka that the creator #Brahma reside in? - #DharmaQuiz 149
  10. #Ramayana, the great #Hindu epic, is mostly composed in which Sanskrit Chandas? - #DharmaQuiz 150
  11. How did Rames(h)waram get its name? #DharmaQuiz 151
  12. Name the two shakas (branches) of Yajur #Veda - #DharmaQuiz 152
  13. Where was the great eastern Narendra (Vivekananda) born? #DharmaQuiz 153
  14. What was the childhood name of Balagangadhar #Tilak? #DharmaQuiz 157 Ans: Keshav
  15. Per Balagangadhar #Tilak's book 'Arctic Home of Vedas', which year were written (not revealed)? #DharmaQuiz 159 Ans: 4500 B.C.
  16. Which year did Balagangadhar #Tilak start the first public #Ganesh Utsav? #DharmaQuiz 160

Session 5:
  1. Per Puranas & pilgrimage belief, which is #Shiva's abode? #DharmaQuiz 162 Ans: Manas Sarovara
  2. Where did Adi #Shankara start the Govardhan peetha? #DharmaQuiz 163 Ans: Orissa's Puri
  3. Name the #Hindu saint & social reformer of Bangladesh, WB, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa during 16th century #DharmaQuiz 164 : Ans: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
  4. Bharata Muni's famous creation is.. #DharmaQuiz 165 Ans: Natya Shastra
  5. Which Maha Yuga is currently in progress? (Expecting a number, not Kali Yuga answer) #DharmaQuiz 166 Ans: 28
  6. Name the pilgrimage city that was also  the capital of #Pallavas #DharmaQuiz 167 Ans: Kanchipuram
  7. Name the angry sage Durvasa's mother - #DharmaQuiz 168 Ans: Anasuya

Session 6:
  1. #DharmaQuiz 168 - Name the Spiritual Organization in which women dress up like this for meditation http://twitpic.com/29xgca
  2. #DharmaQuiz 169 a) Which Hindu God's Avatar's birthplace temple is this? b) Who built a mosque next to http://twitpic.com/29xhdt
  3. #DharmaQuiz 170 Name the Swami/Baba whose ashram built this super specialty hospital in #Bengaluru http://twitpic.com/29xip2
  4. #DharmaQuiz 171 This new Sharada #temple was built in #Toronto, Canada recently. Which matha in India built it? http://twitpic.com/29xjmm
  5. #DharmaQuiz 172 Name this soothing & famous Hindu religious/spiritual speaker who comes on Aastha channel http://twitpic.com/29xkub
  6. #DharmaQuiz 173 Baba #Ramdev is demonstrating the breathing exercise here. In Yoga, what's it generally called http://twitpic.com/29xtdo

Session 7:
  1. #DharmaQuiz 174 How many purusharthas are there? 4
  2. #DharmaQuiz 175 Who was Karna's guru in #Mahabharata? Parashurama
  3. #DharmaQuiz 176 From which India's state (today) did Narahari Teertha came from during earlier times? Orissa
  4. #DharmaQuiz 177 Who took care of young Ekalavya as his father in #Mahabharata? Hiranyadhanus
  5. #DharmaQuiz 178 Which Indian state has Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati ashram? Gujarat
  6. #DharmaQuiz 179 Whose spiritual organization sells the famous Sudarshan Kriya? Art of Living
  7. #DharmaQuiz 180 Name the religion that Mughal emperor #Akbar started - Din-ellahi

Session 8:
  1. In which Hindu (lunar) month does Sharannavaratri come in? #DharmaQuiz 186 Ashwayuja
  2. Which is the only Hindu pilgrimage centre that has both a Jyotir Linga & a Shakti Peetha? #DharmaQuiz 187 Srisailam
  3. Which legendary truth seekers father was Trishanku? #DharmaQuiz 188 Harshchandra
  4. Whose name was also Vaidehi in Valmiki #Ramayana? #DharmaQuiz 189 Sita
  5. Which 21st cent Indian state has Hanuman's birthplace Anjanadri Hills & Sugriva cave from #Ramayana era? #DharmaQuiz 190 Karnataka
  6. Which Hindu deity is worshiped in the great pilgrimage site Shabari Malai in #Kerala? #DharmaQuiz 191 Swamy Aiyyappa
  7. Name the Hindu (lunar) month & Day (maasa & tithi) when India got independence (August 15 1947) #DharmaQuiz 192 Ashadha bahula Amavasya
  8. Name the temple or place where Purandara Dasa composed the very famous 'Jagadodharana' Krishna song #DharmaQuiz 193 Ambegal Krishna temple near Kengal, Chennapatna, Bengaluru Mysuru highway

Session 9:
  1. Apart from Hindus, which other major religion people have the custom of #Rakhi? #DharmaQuiz 194 Ans: Sikhs By: @pirateadmiral @sbhagat10 More: http://www.sikh-history.com/sikhhist/institutes/rakhi_system.html
  2. Most likely, the very 1st #Rakhi was tied to #Krishna in Mahabharata. Who tied it? #DharmaQuiz 195 Ans: Draupadi By: @centerofright @daps1312 @AmareshRath @pirateadmiral @pavanaja @sbhagat10
  3. Which Kingdom's queen tied a #Rakhi to Mughal king Humayun? #DharmaQuiz 196 Chittor's rani Karnawati
  4. Many Brahmins of South India celebrate a festival on the same day as Raksha Bandhan. Which Veda do they follow? #DharmaQuiz 197 Ans: Yajur Veda By: @NR_Tatvamasi @sbhagat10 @pavanaja
  5. Name one state in India where Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated as Nariyal Purnima #DharmaQuiz 198 MH, GJ, GO By: @pirateadmiral @centerofright
  6. According to a legend, (river) Yamuna tied #Rakhi to her brother. Name him  #DharmaQuiz 199 Yama
  7. RT @satyabhashnam Who composed "Tvamev Mata Cha Pita Tvamev..." and for whom? #DharmaQuiz 200 Gandhari to Krishna

Session 10:

  1. Krishna's famous proclamation 'Sambhavami Yuge Yuge' (Will come back in every Yuga/era) is from which chapter of Bhagavad Gita? #DharmaQuiz 201 Ans: Chapter 4; http://www.asitis.com/4/8.html By: @PointBlank2108 @nharipra
  2. Name the place of birth of Swami Vivekananda - #DharmaQuiz 202 Ans: Kolkata By: @lodyaashi @SivaChandan @AmareshRath @Skandaprasad
  3. The famous Buddhist caves of Ajanta are in which district of #Maharashtra? #DharmaQuiz 203\ Ans: Aurangabad By: @visaraj @garg09 @AmareshRath
  4. Who was the Chief Commander of Pandava Army in Kurukshetra war? #DharmaQuiz 204 Ans: Drishtadrumnya By: @NR_Tatvamasi @zincoshine @nharipra @PointBlank2108 @lodyaashi @sbhagat10
  5. Which Jain religious leader got the title 'Arhanka' ? #DharmaQuiz 205 Mahavira
  6. Which city is called the Temple City of #India? #DharmaQuiz 206 Bhubaneshwar By: @AmareshRath @visaraj
  7. Which Mughal prince called Upanishads as the "Kitab al-maknun" or the hidden book mentioned in the #Quran? #DharmaQuiz 207 Ans: Dara Shikoh By: @sbhagat10 @Swabhimaan @SivaChandan
  8. Which #Christian saint established "7 & half" churches in #Kerala in AD 52? #DharmaQuiz 208 Ans: Thomas the Apostle By: @ranganaathan @zincoshine
  9. Who was the first to realise (Sakshatkara) the holy Gayatri mantra? #DharmaQuiz 209 Ans: Vishwamitra By: @Gaandeeva @NR_Tatvamasi
  10. Who gave pashupata astra to Arjuna in #Mahabharata? #DharmaQuiz 210 Ans: Lord Shiva By: @zincoshine @SivaChandan @lodyaashi @sbhagat10

Session 11:

  1. Name the Brahman boy who was Krishna's childhood friend #DharmaQuiz 211 Ans: Kuchela By @pavanaja @kishor_narayan @lodyaashi @nharipra @VintageCrusher @visaraj @centerofright @thinkerspad @amodiahs @satyabhashnam
  2. Name #Krishna's birth mother & foster mother - #DharmaQuiz 212 Ans: Devaki & Yashoda
  3. (Tough one) Name the 57th kingdom established by Sri #Krishna - #DharmaQuiz 213 Ans: Dwarawati
  4. Other than Arjuna, 3 others were lucky to hear Bhagavad Gita straight from #Krishna. Name at least 1 of them - #DharmaQuiz 214 Hanuman, Vedavyasa, Sanjaya By: @kishor_narayan @iBeingMe @AmitGadhvii @lodyaashi @nharipra @thinkerspad @VintageCrusher @visaraj @Biorahul @NR_Tatvamasi @satyabhashnam
  5. {Very easy} Name of #Krishna's conch is.. - #DharmaQuiz 215 Ans: Panchajanya By: @kishor_narayan @lodyaashi @nharipra @Biorahul @pavanaja @amodiahs @satyabhashnam
  6. #Krishna in Sanskrit is a male term meaning "the dark one". Name the dark female of Mahabharata known as 'Krishnaa' - #DharmaQuiz 216 Ans: Draupadi By: @nimeshchandra @vishchan @preetamhegde @kishor_narayan @lodyaashi @NR_Tatvamasi @ashokmkini @Satyabhashnam
  7. Name the waiting room for people in line to meet #Krishna - #DharmaQuiz 217 Ans: Virajas
  8. Satyabhama, #Krishna wife, is credited to have saved 16,100 women imprisoned by a evil demon Narakasura. Which festival celebrates that event? #DharmaQuiz 218 Ans: Deepavali/Diwali By: @nharipra @ashokmkini @kishor_narayan
  9. Name the 1st Hindu Purana to be translated to European language, which celebrates Krishna's childhood stories #DharmaQuiz 219 Ans: Bhagavata Purana
  10. Astrological calculations put #Krishna's birth year to be 3228 BC. Name the calendar month (Jan-Dec) #DharmaQuiz 220 Ans: July By: @blossoms41 @nharipra

Session 12:
  1. Name #shiva's 'ornament' for neck #DharmaQuiz 221 Snake By: @Biorahul @nharipra @lodyaashi @neetaraina1 @centerofright @ranga_chennai
  2. Name #Karnataka's first female 'Jagadguru'  #DharmaQuiz 222 Mata Mahadevi - http://bit.ly/axqoZ0
  3. Which Upanishad had Nachiketa's story? #DharmaQuiz 223 Katha Upanishad By: @Biorahul @nharipra
  4. Which modern Indian state was mentioned as Kalinga in #Mahabharata? #DharmaQuiz 224 Orissa By: @amit14oct @subodh1945 @centerofright @dibyabttb @daps1312 @nharipra @vishchan @Biorahul
  5. Bharata muni had enunciated 8 Rasas (aesthetics) in Natya (Dance) Shastra. Name the 9th one that got added later making it NavaRasas #DharmaQuiz 225 Ans: Shantam or Peace Rasa - http://bit.ly/7llI0k By: @zincoshine @NR_Tatvamasi @_ravisun @Biorahul
  6. Which #Veda has Pavamana Suktas #DharmaQuiz 226 Ans: Rig Veda By: @NR_Tatvamasi @nharipra 
  7. #DharmaQuiz 227 - Name the #Afghanistan 5th century Shahi King who consecrated this marble #Ganesha at Gardez http://twitpic.com/2m3bf1 Ans: Khingala (No one got it)

Session 13:

  1. In which dialect of #Hindi did Tulasidas write Ramacharitamanas during 16th century? #DharmaQuiz 232 (#HindiDiwas) Ans: Awadhi
  2. Name the 15th century sightless saint, #Hindi poet & musician, whose devotional songs were dedicated to Lord Krishna. #DharmaQuiz 233 Ans: Surdas
  3. Name the district in today's #Rajasthan in which the incredible Vishnava Bhakti saint poet Meera Bai was born in- #DharmaQuiz 234 Ans: Nagaur district
  4. 3 Muslims brought to life the incredible Radha Kaise Na Jale song in the movie Lagaan. Aamir & Rahman were 2. Name the 3rd - #DharmaQuiz 235 Ans: Javed Akhtar
  5. Name the famous Krishna Bhajan that was in Slumdog Millionnaire movie; Also who was the poet? #DharmaQuiz 236 Ans: Darshan Do Ghanshyam  Soordas
  6. RT @NR_Tatvamasi Name the founder editor of gita press,gorakhpur and the hindi magazine kalyan #dharmaquiz 237 Ans: Jaya Dayal Goyandka
  7. What's the name of Hindi poetry style in which Tulsidas, Kabir, Surdas, Rahim etc. composed devotional/philosophical poems? #DharmaQuiz 238 Ans: Dohas
  8. RT @NR_Tatvamasi Name the famous bhashya of Bhagavad Gita in #Hindi by Swami Ram Sukh Das #DharmaQuiz 239 Ans: sadhak sanjivani

Session 14:

  1. Hindus invoke 7 holy river names into Kalasha during Puja. Ganga,Godavari,Narmada,Saraswati & Yamuna are 5. Name the other 2 #DharmaQuiz 240 Ans: Sindhu & Cauvery By: @AviTweets @vishchan @NR_Tatvamasi @pavanaja @Biorahul
  2. Bhageeratha is credited to getting Ganga to this earth. Which of today's Indian state was he from? #DharmaQuiz  241 Ans: UP By: @NR_Tatvamasi @vishchan @Biorahul @thinkerspad
  3. Which of the holy rivers for Hindus, literally means 'The Dark River'?  #DharmaQuiz 242 Ans: Krishnaa By: @nharipra @NR_Tatvamasi
  4. Which holy river of #India is literally termed as "the son of the creator" by Hindus? #DharmaQuiz 243 Ans: Brahma Putra By: @pavanaja @Gaandeeva @Biorahul @ashok567 @ashaymudholkar @thinkerspad
  5. Which major west flowing river has been mentioned at least 175 times in Rig #Veda?  #DharmaQuiz 244 Ans: Sindhu By: @ashaymudholkar
  6. Kumbh Mela, the world's largest religious gathering happens in 4 places. 2 are on river Ganga's banks. Name other 2 rivers. #DharmaQuiz 245 Ans: Kshipra & Godavari By: @NR_Tatvamasi @garg09 (half) @_SHIVANGI__ (half) @thinkerspad
  7. Name one river bathing festival, that is dedicated to Sun worship (Surya) #DharmaQuiz 246 Ans: Chhath Puja By: @NR_Tatvamasi @debaduttakar
  8. Name the holy town on the banks of TungaBhadra river, at the border of Karnataka & Andhra #DharmaQuiz 247 Mantralaya By: @AMDhananjay @ashok567 @pavanaja @vishchan @Gaandeeva @NR_Tatvamasi @garg09
  9. Among the 7 holiest rivers for Hindus, which one is predominantly east to west flowing? #DharmaQuiz 248 Ans: Narmada By: @pavanaja @NR_Tatvamasi

Session 15: 21-Sep-2010

  1. RT @nharipra How many wives did Dasharatha have? No it is not just the 3 famous ones mentioned in #Ramayana #DharmaQuiz 249 Q Ans: 350 By: None
  2. How many wives did #Krishna really marry in traditional way in #Mahabharata ? No, it's not in 1000s or even 100s) #DharmaQuiz 250 Ans: 8 By: @prashanthkpp @NR_Tatvamasi @centerofright
  3. Traditionally #Hindu society accepted polygamy for 1 class of people only. Who were they? #DharmaQuiz 251 Ans: The Royal or warror Class - Kshatriyas By:  @kishor_narayan @lodyaashi @thinkerspad @vishchan @_SHIVANGI__ @Swabhimaan @prashanthkpp 
  4. What was the name of Sita's younger sister who married an avatar of Shesha (snake) in #Ramayana ? #DharmaQuiz 252 Ans: Urmila By: @kishor_narayan @thinkerspad @NR_Tatvamasi @vishchan @prashanthkpp @subodh1945 @nimeshchandra
  5. Draupadi's case is a rare example of #PolyAndry in #Hindu epics. Name the mother of her youngest 2 husbands? #DharmaQuiz 253 Ans: Madri By: @_SHIVANGI__ @lodyaashi @prashanthkpp @centerofright @kishor_narayan @voxindica @thinkerspad @NR_Tatvamasi
  6. Name the earliest known historic book that gave property rights to wives in #Hindu society (hint: Centuries before #Jesus) #DharmaQuiz 254 Ans: Chanakya's ArthaShastra By: @NR_Tatvamasi  @prashanthkpp
  7. In Vedic age, if teacher was "Acharya" what was teacher's wife referred as? Many had sacred scriptures revealed to them! #DharmaQuiz 255 Ans: Acharyini By: @NR_Tatvamasi 
  8. Who is considered as the 'witness' for SaptaPadi or Seven Steps that a man takes with his bride in #Hindu wedding? #DharmaQuiz 256 Ans: Agni By: @gauravrai @ashok567 @thinkerspad @Nisharp @NR_Tatvamasi
  9. What is the #Sanskrit term to describe the vow for one wife or monogamy? #DharmaQuiz 257 Ans: Eka Patni Vrata By: @kishor_narayan @ashok567
  10. In India, #Hindus are legally bound to have only 1 spouse at a time. In which year was that law passed by parliament? #DharmaQuiz 258 Ans: 1955 By: @prashanthkpp
Session 16: 24-Sep-2010

  1. Name Krishna's son who got married to Duryodhana's daughter. #DharmaQuiz 259
    Ans: Samba married Lakshmanaa
  2. RT @nharipra Manthara, responsible for Rama's vanavaasa, is the avatar of which evil being ? #DharmaQuiz 260 Ans: Alakshmi, wife of Kali
  3. RT @centerofright What is the name of Lord Agni's wife? #DharmaQuiz 261
    #swaha devi
  4. RT @NR_Tatvamasi Name the princess of Vidharbha who married sage Agasthya during ancient times #DharmaQuiz 262 Ans: Lopamudra
  5. RT @NR_Tatvamasi Name Raja Raja Chola's wife, for whose memory a Shiva temple built #DharmaQuiz 263 Ans: Panchavan Madevi
  6. RT @NR_Tatvamasi Name the wife of Kardama Prajapathy #DharmaQuiz 264 Ans: Devahuti
  7. What was Swami Vivekananda's Guru's wife's name? #DharmaQuiz 265 Ans: Sharada
  8. Radha, the wife of Adhiratha, a charioteer of the Dhritarashtra raised a famous #Mahabharata character. Name him. #DharmaQuiz 266 Ans: Karna
  9. Name the #Manipur princess, whose legendary son fought against his own father #Arjuna in #Mahabharata - #DharmaQuiz 267 Ans: Chitrangada
  10. Name the wife of Ravana's brother Vibhishana - #DharmaQuiz 268 Ans: Sarma

Session 17: 28-Sep-2010

  1. What does Ayodhya (A-Yodhya) in #Sanskrit mean? #DharmaQuiz 269
    Ans: Yodhya = Warrable/Conquerable; Ayodhya = UnConquerable By: @Biorahul @pavanaja @kishor_narayan @Swabhimaan @nharipra
  2. On the bank of which river is #Ayodhya situated? #DharmaQuiz 270 Ans: Sarayu By: @prashanthkpp @nharipra  @ashokmkini @av_kv @pavanaja @kishor_narayan @Biorahul @vishchan @pawandurani
  3. Kuvempu, a Jnanapeetha winning literary figure in #Kannada wrote a #Ramayana. What's it called? #DharmaQuiz 271 Ans: Ramayana Darshanam By: @Biorahul @vishchan @pavanaja @kk_19_80 @shakwrites @lodyaashi @nharipra @kishor_narayan @prashanthkpp
  4. Sage Agastya recited a hymn to Sun God, to Lord #Rama on battlefield. Name it #DharmaQuiz 272
    Ans: Aditya Hridayam By: @kishor_narayan @prashanthkpp @nharipra @iamgauttam
  5. Name the chief commander of invader King Babur, who destroyed #Rama temple in #Ayodhya to build a Masjid -> #DharmaQuiz 273 Ans: Mir Baqi By: @NayakPradeep @subodh1945 @prashanthkpp @vishchan @nharipra @Swabhimaan @iamgauttam
  6. There was a famous Kingdom of Ayutthaya between 14th & 18th century in South East #Asia. Which language they spoke? #DharmaQuiz 274 Ans: Thai By: @prashanthkpp @nharipra @Nisharp
  7. There is a temporary Ram Lalla idol in #Ram Janmabhumi temple in #Ayodhya. From which city did that idol come from? #DharmaQuiz 275 Ans: Jaipur. {None got this}
  8. What was the ancient kingdom's name that #Ayodhya was a capital of? #DharmaQuiz 276 Ans: Kosala (Awadh) By: @AMDhananjay @pavanaja @Biorahul @nharipra @kishor_narayan @Nisharp
  9. Name the ASI chief who published a final report citing a pre-existing ancient temple in #Ayodhya Babri complex -  #DharmaQuiz 277 Ans: BB Lal By: @vishchan @centerofright @Biorahul
  10. How many avataras (incarnations) did Lord #Vishnu take before being born as #Rama on this earth? #DharmaQuiz 278 Ans: Six By: @theSaketRanjan @Nisharp @nharipra @pavanaja @Biorahul @prashanthkpp
  11. The invader erected Babri structure in #Ayodhya, is surrounded by a structure bearing Sita's name. What's that? #DharmaQuiz 279 Ans: Sita Rasoi By: @Swabhimaan @subodh1945 @priysaig @theSaketRanjan
  12. Last one. #Ayodhya Shri Rama is given the greatest title 'Maryada Purushottam' . What does that mean? #DharmaQuiz 280 Ans: The ideal man or The Finest Specimen of a disciplined Human Being By: @kishor_narayan @vishchan

Session 18: 30-Sep-2010 (SaffronDay at Ayodhya!!)

  1. #Ayodhya's Shri Rama is also called Adi Purusha: What's the meaning of that name? #DharmaQuiz 281 Ans: Primal Being 
  2. #Ayodhya's Shri Rama is worshiped with "Om Peeta Vasase Namah". What does Peetavasase mean? #DharmaQuiz 282 Ans: Clad in yellow garments 
  3. #Ayodhya Shri Rama is glorified with "Shri RamChandra Kripalu Bhajaman" bhajan. Who authored it? #DharmaQuiz 283 Ans: Tulsidas
  4. The very famous #Ayodhya Shri Rama bhajan "Payoji maine Ram ratan dhan payo" was whose composition? #DharmaQuiz 284 Ans: Meera Bai
  5. Born near #Ayodhya, took name Nilkanth, started 7yr journey across India, today worldwide temples in his name. Who is this? #DharmaQuiz 285 Ans: Bhagawan Swaminarayan
  6. Name the 1st Tirthankar of #Jain Religion, father of Jainism, who was born in #Ayodhya #DharmaQuiz 286 Ans: Rishab Dev
  7. Name the #Indonesia province, ruled by a monarchy still, that is named after #Ayodhya #DharmaQuiz 287 Ans: YogyaKartha
  8. Name the Solar Clan's (Surya Vamshi) dynasty of Lord Rama of #Ayodhya #DharmaQuiz 288
    Ans: Ikshwaku Dynasty

Session 19: 06-Oct-2010

  1. Which #Hindu Temple has a 'no-land-obstacle' travel line to South Pole ? #DharmaQuiz 289 via @amodiahs Ans: Somnath
  2. Name the wife of Veda Vyasa and mother of Sage Suka #DharmaQuiz 290 via @Gaandeeva Ans: Pinjala or Vatika 
  3. Creator Brahma's 1 day per #Hindu cosmology is 4.32 billion yrs, also known as #Kalpa. Name the current Kalpa #DharmaQuiz 291 via @Gaandeeva Ans: Shweta varaha Kalpa
  4. Name assumed by Nakula during #Mahabharata Pandavas incognito period in Virata? #DharmaQuiz 292 via @Gaandeeva Ans: Damagranthi
  5. Who was the oldest known warrior to participate in the #Kurukshetra war of #Mahabharata ? #DharmaQuiz 293 via @Gaandeeva Ans: Baahlika , brother of Shantanu, Bhishma's uncle
  6. #Hindu Panchanga or Almanac is made of 5 units: Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra are 3. Name other 2 #DharmaQuiz 294 Ans: Yoga & Karana
  7. Name the Gayatri mantra famed Vishwamitra's father #DharmaQuiz 295 Ans: Gadhi Maharaj
  8. Who made Veda Vyasa write #Mahabharata? #DharmaQuiz 296 Ans: Ganapati
  9. Which 21st century city is considered as the oldest #Hindu holy city, continuously inhabited for over 3200 yrs? #DharmaQuiz 297 Ans: Varanasi
  10. Which state in #India has the world's tallest Hanuman statue today? #DharmaQuiz 298 Ans: Andhra Pradesh
Correct Answers by: @itsmesuresh @nharipra @centerofright @NR_Tatvamasi @Biorahul @zincoshine @jatinkhanna26 @NR_Tatvamasi @prashanthkpp @vishchan

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