Friday, November 18, 2016

Ancient and Medieval Indian Coins

#DharmaQuiz Session 369: 18-Nov-2016

#DharmaQuiz 2236: This was a gold coin from 14th century south India. King in the pose of Hanuman. Which empire? Ans: Vijayanagara Empire, Bukka Raya I, Gold pagoda, 1344-1377.
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Fastest three answers: @viveksurat, Telugutalli and @Aks9009Pa

#DharmaQuiz 2237: This is a golden coin from 800+ years ago in North India. A foreign invader continued the Goddess Lakshmi coins. Who? Ans: The coin is an issue of Muhammad bin Sam, more generally known as Muhammad of Ghor.
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Fastest three answers: @viveksurat,  ‏@simuntweets and @VedantIndia

#DharmaQuiz 2238: These are 1500 year old coins from a mighty empire that ruled most of Indian subcontinent then. Which dynasty?
Ans: Gupta dynasty.
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Fastest three answers: @Telugutalli @viveksurat and @vermaaakash10

#DharmaQuiz 2239: Silver coin having "Jagadamba Prasanna" was minted to commemorate coronation of a great Indian King of 17th century. Who?
Ans: Chhatrapati Shivaji.
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Fastest three answers: @ShefVaidya, @rohit24r and ‏@viveksurat.

#DharmaQuiz 2240: Hanuman image one paisa coin from central India. 1888 CE (1945 VS). Name that princely state of British India.
Ans: Ratlam
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Fastest three answers: @viveksurat, @simuntweets and @ImpatientMonk 

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Sacred Rivers and Temples

#DharmaQuiz Session 368: 15-Sep-2016

#DharmaQuiz 2231: Which is the longest parikrama of a river in India (walking completely around a river from start to sea)? Hint: 2600+KM
Answer: Narmada river. One of the world's most challenging walks.
Fastest 3 answers: @reply_err @jp_surat @nimeshchandra

#DharmaQuiz 2232: On which south flowing river's bank is this magnificent temple?
Ans: Hoogly.
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Fastest 3 answers: @ethicalman3, @gandabherunda and @supratimp

#DharmaQuiz 2233: Sangameswarar temple is at the sangam of Kaveri and Bhavani rivers. Name the third (mystic) river. Ans: Amutha also known as Agaya Ganga or Akasha Ganga.

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Fastest 3 answers: @DVHeroor, @DrShobha and @siddhupalled

#DharmaQuiz 2234: This is a gorgeous Shri Rama temple on the banks of a mighty Indian river. Which river? Ans: Godavari river. Bhadrachalam, Telangana.

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Fastest 3 answers: @Vandebharathi, @sobandevarajan and @Sravan

#DharmaQuiz 2235: This is a cave temple for Lord Shiva in Punjab. From Mahabharata era. Next to which river? Ans: Ravi river, Mukteshwar Mahadev temple near Pathankot.
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Fastest 3 answers: @DVHeroor, @sooriks and @DrShobha

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