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DharmaQuiz Session 85: 23-Aug-2011

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Session 85: August 23,  2011
Theme: Krishna 
  1. Lord Krishna's foster father, Nanda, became the head of a community of cow herders and settled down in which place? #DharmaQuiz 776. Ans: Vrindavan
  2. Name of the mountain that Krishna lifted as a small boy? a)Simhadri b)Govardhana c)Rohini. #DharmaQuiz 777. Ans: Govardhana
  3. Who was Radha's father, an original inhabitant of Vrindavana? a)Vrishbhanu. b)Gosimha. c)Nimbarka. #DharmaQuiz 778. Ans: Vrishbhanu.
  4. Name the dance immortalized by Krishna & Radha, translated as the play of asthetics or more broadly as Dance of Divine Love. #DharmaQuiz 779. Ans: Raasa Leela.
  5. Which Vedic god was furious when Krishna advised people of Vrindavana to worship nature, and not the Vedic god? #DharmaQuiz 780. Ans: Indra
  6. Krishna lost 6 of his siblings to the madness of uncle Kamsa. Name his only half sister who survived. #DharmaQuiz 781. Ans: Subhadra.
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