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DharmaQuiz Session 84: 12-Aug-2011

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Session 84: August 12,  2011
Theme: Goddess Lakshmi 
  1. Goddess Lakshmi is said to shine like "Hiranya". What does Hiranya mean? #DharmaQuiz 770. Ans: Gold
  2. Lakshmi is seated on a particular flower and also praised, as beautiful as the same flower. Name that flower. #DharmaQuiz 771. Ans: Padma or Lotus
  3. Lakshmi is praised during prayer as "Eashvareegam Sarva Bhutanaam". What does 'Bhuta' mean in this context? #DharmaQuiz 772. Ans: (God) Created Beings
  4. Goddess Lakshmi is also referred with a very popular, one Sanskrit syllable. Yes, just ONE syllable. Name it. #DharmaQuiz 773. Ans: Shreehi (Shree with a visarga or 2 dashes in Devanagari)
  5. Goddess Lakshmi is praised as 'Hema Maalini". What does Hema Maalini mean? #DharmaQuiz 774. Ans: Garlanded with Gold.
  6. A 16 shloka (hymn) prayer, from Rig Veda Khilani, is recited for Lakshmi strictly by meter. Name it. #DharmaQuiz 775. Ans: Shri Sukta
All questions above are from Shri Sukta.

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Video of traditional, with strict adherance to meter, Shri Sukta rendering, like you hear in temples:

Video here with Sanskrit and English translation of Shree Suktam:

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  1. indeed a very good quiz and information abt our gods.