Friday, September 2, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 82: 2-Aug-2011

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Session 82: August 2,  2011
Theme: Hindu temples
  1. Where is the most famous Mookambika temple located? #DharmaQuiz 757. Ans: Kollur, Karnataka
  2. There is a very famous Brahma temple, dedicated to the creator of the universe, in Rajasthan state. Which town? #DharmaQuiz 758. Ans: Pushkar
  3. A famous sun temple in Gujarat is located on the banks of river Pushpavati. Which town is that in? #DharmaQuiz 759. Ans: Modhera
  4. On the banks of Ganga, in W Bengal, considered as the headquarters of ISKCON. Name this birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. #DharmaQuiz 760. Ans: Mayapur
  5. This famous Jain Parasnath temple is almost at 4500 feet above sea level.  In which north Indian state is it in? #DharmaQuiz 761. Ans: Jharkhand (Shri Sammet Shikhar Teerth)
  6. One of the holiest Hindu temples of North East India, Tripura Sundari (Kali or Matabari) temple, is located in which town? #DharmaQuiz 762 Ans: Udaipur
  7. {Final, Open till 9 PM} A famous temple in Himachal Pradesh has a legend about Sati's eye falling there. Name the temple. #DharmaQuiz 763. Ans: Naina Devi temple
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