Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DharmaQuiz Session 23: 26-Oct-2010

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Session 23: Oct 26 2010
  1. The famed Lalita Sahasra Nama (1000 names of goddess Lalita) is a part of conversation between whom? #DharmaQuiz 328 Ans: Hayagriva & Agastya from Brahmanda purana
  2. Who's the wife of Kubera, the Lord of wealth? #DharmaQuiz 329 Ans: Ans: Bhadra
  3. Name the commentary on Bhagawad Gita that Lokamanya Tilak wrote. #DharmaQuiz 330 Ans: Gita Rahasya
  4. Name the Yajnya (fire sacrifice) that King Dasharatha did to beget sons in Ramayana #DharmaQuiz 331 Ans: Putra Kameshti
  5. Among the Hindu Agamas (post Vedic scriptures), which is considered to be the very first Agama? #DharmaQuiz 332 Ans: Shakta Agama
  6. By which name is Shiva worshiped in the holy site Gokarna, Karnataka? #DharmaQuiz 333
    Ans: Mahabaleshwar
  7. Name any 3 nagaris (well developed cities) that are mentioned in Ramayana #DharmaQuiz 334
    Ans: Mithila, Ayodhya, Lanka
  8. Name the cave in #Kashmir , where Lord Shiva explained the secrets of immortality & creation of Universe to Goddess Parvati - #DharmaQuiz 335 Ans: Amarnath
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