Friday, October 22, 2010

DharmaQuiz Session 22: 22-Oct-2010

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Session 22: Oct 22 2010
  1. Ramayana's writer, Vaalmiki derives his name from the Sanskrit word "Valmik". What does that mean? #DharmaQuiz 319 Ans: Ant Hill
  2. #Valmiki is celebrated as Adi Kavi or First Poet of #Sanskrit. What was the first thing he started? #DharmaQuiz 320 Ans: Shloka or Verse of Sanskrit Poetry
  3. Who were the first two disciples of Sage Valmiki to whom he taught Ramayana? Ans: Lava & Kusha 
  4. Valmiki's #Ramayana is 24000 shlokas/verses in poetry form. They are in 7 chapters/Kandas. How many Sargas/Cantos are there? #DharmaQuiz 322 Ans: 500
  5. Prior to becoming a sage, #Valmiki was a robber. Who was his last (unsuccessful) robbing victim? #DharmaQuiz 323 Ans: Bharhmarshi Narada
  6. What was Valmiki's birth name and who was his father? #DharmaQuiz 324 Ans: Ratnakara, Prachetasa 
  7. What was the first word of the very first Sanskrit shloka that came out of Valmiki's mouth? #DharmaQuiz 325 Ans: Manishad (more here: )
  8. Sita gave birth to her twins in Valmiki Ashram/hermitage. Near which city of #India today you can find that spot? #DharmaQuiz 326 Ans: Amritsar, Punjab. More here: 
  9. Name any two states from #India that are celebrating Valmiki Jayanti state holiday today #DharmaQuiz 327 Ans: Punjab and Karnataka
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