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DharmaQuiz Session 70: 17-June-2011

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Session 70: June 17,  2011
Theme: Vedic Varna Systems

1. Rig Veda 5.59.6 announces absolute equality of all human beings at birth. What does 'Sujata' mean? #DharmaQuiz 680. Ans: Being born to a good lineage/family, noble birth.

Te Ajyeshtha akanishthasa udbhido,
amadhyamaso mahasaa vivavridhuh |
Sujataso janusha prishnimatarao,
divomaryaa ano acchajigatana || Rig Veda 5.59.6

Among humans, no one is superior, no one is inferior. No one is in-between. Everyone grows from lower level to higher level using their own strength. All the children of Bhumi (mother earth) are from good lineage. Everyone is divine. Let all humans live together with love.

2. Rig Veda 10.94.11 praises the Shudra Varna as brave, respectable, hard working etc. What does 'Ajara' in Sanskrit mean? #DharmaQuiz 681. Ans: The one not getting old (ever lasting)

Tridila atrudilaaso adrayo,
shramaNa ashruthitaa amrutyavah |
anaaturaa ajaraa sthama vishnavah
supeevaso atrushitaa atrushnajah || Rig Veda 10.94.11

Never letting heart break irrespective of difficulties, extremely respectable, those who can tolerate fatigue, not cheap, not afraid of death, disease-free, every day enthusiasts, balanced paced, strong, greed-less and not overly desire-ful.. that kind of service people are Shudras.
3. Atharva Veda 4.6.1 gives the quality of a Brahmana varna. What does 'Dasha Sheersha' in that mean? #DharmaQuiz 682. Ans: Ten faces.

BrahmaNo jaghne prathamo dasha sheersho dashaasyah |
sa somam prathamah papau sachakaaraarasam visham || Atharva Veda 4.6.1

The one who grasps knowledge from 10 directions, the one who can preach to all 10 directions, is the reason a Brahman is respectable. That respectable person consumes shanti/peace and makes dwesha/grudge potent-less.

4. Atharva Veda 3.15.1 describes a Vaishya varna as an ethical wealth multiplier. What does 'Mahyam' mean from that verse? #DharmaQuiz 683. Ans: For me

Indramaham vaNijam chodayaami sa na etu pura etaa no astu |
nudannataatim patipanthinam mrigam sa eeshano dhanadaa astu mahyam || Atharva Veda 3.15.1

"I" will make a wealthy & businessman vaishya more spontaneous. Let him be one among us. Let him lead us forward. Keeping aside selfish small mindedness, thwarting the thief mentality on the way, that wealthy person earn wealth for divinity's sake.

5. Rig Veda 9.112.1 accepts the diversity among human beings, in a positive way. What does the term 'dhiyo' mean from that? #DharmaQuiz 684. Ans: Buddhi Shakti or intellect.

Naanaanam Vaa u no dhiyo vivrataani janaanaam | Rig Veda 9.112.1

Our intellects, work abilities are of different levels. Determination levels also vary.
(Essentially a society's diverse abilities are recognized and a call to build the society using diverse abilities is stressed)

6. Rig Veda 10.66.8 describes Kshatriya varna as Maha tejasvis & God loving people. What does the term 'DhriDa vritaa' mean? #DharmaQuiz 685. Ans: Strong Willed.

DhriDa vrataah kshatriyaa yajna nishkruto, brihaddivo adhva raaNaambhi shriyah |
agni hotaara ritasaapo adruhopo asrujannanu vratratooryee || Rig Veda 10.66.8

Strong willed, loyal to yajnas (fire sacrifice), extremely brilliant, icons of ahimsa (non violence), God loving, keepers of words/assurances, never backstabbing anyone and those who are always busy getting rid of the dushtas (wicked) - such people are Kshatriyas.

7. Rig 7.103.8 describes a Brahmana varna as pure knowledge seekers. What does the word 'Guhyaa' mean? #DharmaQuiz 686. Ans. Secretive.

BrahmaNaasah somino vaachamakrita brahma kruNwatah parivatsareeNam |
adhvaryavo gharmiNah sishvidaanaa avirbhavanti guhyaa na kechit || Rig 7.103.8

Extremely peaceful nature, fully non-violent, great ascetics, shower love on every living being, they are Brahmans. They will spread pure knowledge across the universe. Open minded for everyone and never hide anything.

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  • @sharathinindia : 5
  • @AvinashCKM : 2
  • @Amaresh80 : 2
  • @avinashbhat01 : 2
  • @ranganaathan  : 2
  • @DevNakshi : 2
  • @amitgupta_lnct : 1
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