Friday, June 17, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 69: 10-June-2011

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Session 69: June 10,  2011
Theme: Dasha (Ten) Avataras
  1. One of Vishnu's early Avatara is said to have taken place in today's Multan area in Pakistan. Which one is that? #DharmaQuiz 672. Ans: Narasimha
  2. Out of all major avataras of Vishnu, which is the only one that started at noon. Hint: A very famous one. #DharmaQuiz 673. Ans: Shri Rama
  3. {Easy one} Which is the only Vishnu's major avatara that took birth at midnight? #DharmaQuiz 674. Ans: Shri Krishna.
  4. Name the early avatara of Vishnu, that is said to have taken birth in or near today's Kerala. #DharmaQuiz 675. Ans: Matsya at Kritmalatata (today's Kerala).
  5. Which major avatara of Vishnu took birth at sea? Hint: No, not the one with fins:) #DharmaQuiz 676. Ans: Kurma avatara.
  6. Name the major Vishnu's avatara, that took birth at Prayag, responsible for Guru of Rakshasas, Shukracharya's eye loss. #DharmaQuiz 677. Ans: Vamana
  7. Name the major avatara of Vishnu, that took birth in today's Haridwar region, in the afternoon.  #DharmaQuiz 678. Ans: Varaha
  8. There were 3 major avataras of Vishnu in Treta Yuga. Vamana the 1st & Rama the 3rd. Name the 2nd one. #DharmaQuiz 679. Ans: Parashurama born at Jamadagnipura.
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