Friday, June 10, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 67: 3-June-2011

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Session 67: June 3,  2011
Theme: Satyagraha
  1.  Satyagraha is the most common Sanskrit word to describe non violent resistance. Satya is truth. What does Agraha mean? #DharmaQuiz 661. Ans: Insistance or firm requets or holding firmly to
  2. Among the 15 days in a fortnight, which day of the Hindu calendar sees the most number of fasts by practicing Hindus?  #DharmaQuiz 662. Ans: Ekadashi, the 11th day of each fortnight.
  3. Which famous Hindu festival, that occurs in February/March period, sees fasting as an important part of the ritual? #DharmaQuiz 663. Ans: Maha Shivaratri
  4. Name the most popular festival among Hindus, where females fast for the well-being of their husbands. #DharmaQuiz 664. Ans: Karva Chauth
  5. Self starvation by fasting, also called as Sallekhana vrita, was practiced by monks of which Indian religion? #DharmaQuiz 665. Ans: Jainism
  6. {Final one,open till 9 PM} On 3, Mar, 1943, 9.34 AM, Gandhi broke his life's longest fast. What date did he start that fast? #DharmaQuiz 666 #DharmaQuiz 666 Ans: 1943, February 10 - More here:
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