Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 59: 05-Apr-2011

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Session 59: Apr 5, 2011
Theme: Ugadi Special
  1. Name the Samvatsara of Hindu calendar year that just started on #Ugadi day yesterday - #DharmaQuiz 603 Ans: Khara
  2. When marriages are set by astrologers (Jyotishis), they look for how many "kootas" looking at bride & groom horoscopes? #DharmaQuiz 604 Ans: Dwadasha Kootas (12).
  3. As per Hindu panchanga (almanac), how many Yogas are there? #DharmaQuiz 605 Ans: 27 Yogas
  4. Which part of India is referred as Parashurama Kshetra (Parashurama's country)? There's a famous train with same name. #DharmaQuiz 606 Ans: Konkan Region. Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala coasts.
  5. The vedic fire ritual, Ad(t)hiratram, which might be running continuously since 10th century BC, happens in which state? #DharmaQuiz 607 Ans: Thrissur district in Kerala state. More here: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/channels/cities/kochi/athirathram-begins-state-936
    TV visuals (Kannada): http://youtu.be/G6hW1KTqQto
    Official Home page: http://athirathram2011.com/classification-of-agnichayana.html
    Pictures & Videos: http://athirathram2011.com/photo-video.html
  6. 4 Apr 2011 started year 2068 per Vikram samvat. Per Shalivahana Shakha which lunar year started? #DharmaQuiz 608 Ans: Year 1933
Just for this session, I would be skipping the publishing of correct answer givers.
But thanks to all those who attempted as well as those who are silently following the tweets or blog.

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