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DharmaQuiz Session 61: 15-Apr-2011

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Session 61: Apr 15, 2011
Theme: Sikhism and its strong links to India outside Punjab, as well as Hinduism

  1. A #Sikh male by virtue of religion is mandated to keep 5 Ks. Name the K denoting a comb. #DharmaQuiz 618 Ans: Kangha
  2. A barber by work, from Karnataka, son of Ankamma, was among the first 5 #Sikh who were admitted to the Khalsa. Name him. #DharmaQuiz 619. Ans: Bhai Sahib Chand Bidar. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhai_Sahib_Singh
  3. A water carrier by profession, from Odisha, was among the first 5 Sikhs called Panj Pyares in the Khalsa. Name him. #DharmaQuiz 620. Ans: Bhai Himmat Ram Jagannathpuri. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhai_Himmat_Singh
  4. As per the #Sikh calendar, which started at the birth of Guru Nanak, which year are we in right now? #DharmaQuiz 621 Ans: Nanakshahi 543
  5. Name the Sikh Guru, who was born in Bihar and died in Maharashtra, but breathed fire into Punjab's spirits. #DharmaQuiz 622 Ans: Guru Gobind Singh
  6. A very famous symbol of Hindus, found in Vedas numerous times, is used by Sikhs to define "One God". What is it? #DharmaQuiz 623 Ans: Ikk Onkar of Sikh Mul mantra, derived from the Om symbol. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ik_Onkar
  7. Name the #Sikh holy book which has nearly 2500 references to Lord Rama's name: Ram, Raja Ram & Raghunath kind... #DharmaQuiz 624. Ans: Guru Granth Sahib. More here: http://kalyan97.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/747/
  8. {Final one, open till 9 PM} Among the first 10 Gurus of #Sikh religion, one was a son-in-law of the previous Guru. Name him. #DharmaQuiz 625. Ans: Guru Ram Das. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guru_Ram_Das
List of people who got answers right and indicating how many they got right:
  • @Saffronizer : 7
  • @kishor_narayan : 6
  • @amitgupta_lnct : 4
  • @I_am_Rajarshi : 4
  • @Amaresh80 : 4
  • @IndianWeera : 3
  • @vikkydubey : 3
  • @shutter_butter: 2
  • @DrSatyaSaraswat : 2
  • @sharmarohitraj : 2
  • @Karmasura : 2
  • @abhi_dave : 1
  • @Mr_NiceGuy101 : 1
  • @spswain : 1
  • @bansalr : 1
  • @kaustubh067 : 1
  • @abvpIndia : 1
  • @pawandurani : 1  
  • @mayureshgaikwad : 1
  • @67tweeting : 1
Congratulations to all those listed above! Also, thanks to all those who attempted as well as those who are silently following the tweets or blog.

Watch out for  the next update! Of course, don't forget to leave your comments & suggestions, as well as subscribe to this blog. It is just a fun way to participate in sharing of religious / spiritual knowledge.

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