Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 42: 18-Jan-2011

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Session 42: Jan 18, 2011
Theme: Ancient Hindu society and Science. Contd
  1. One of the 8 branches of ancient Indian medicine system, Ayurveda is Shalya Chikitsa. What did that branch deal with? #DharmaQuiz 477. Ans: Surgery
  2. Name the father of Indian medicine, who lived 2300 years ago. Was instrumental in developing medicine &lifestyle Ayurveda. #DharmaQuiz 478. Ans: Charaka
  3. Embryology & Pregnancy management is found in 2 pre-Christ-era Samhitas, under the subject of Garbhini Vyakarana.Name any 1. #DharmaQuiz 479 Ans: Charaka or Sushruta Samhita. More: http://www.niam.com/corp-web/Motherhood.html
  4. 700 yrs ago, a detailed book on Indian music by Sharangadeva, had a description of 24 arteries of human body. Name the book. #DharmaQuiz 480 Ans: Sangita Ratnakara - 2.105. (Dhamanyo raktavaahinyaschaturvimshati reetah)
  5. Blood flow from heart to organs & then back to heart via veins was described in a Samhita supposedly from Rig Veda. Name it. #DharmaQuiz 481 Ans: Bhela Samhita. More here: http://is1.mum.edu/vedicreserve/bhel_samhita.htm
  6. Sushurta Samhita from nearly 2500 years back deals with a term called Ojas in Sanskrit language. What does that mean? #DharmaQuiz 482 Ans: Vigour or Vitality or Life energy
  7. Legendary ancient Indian surgeon Sushruta mastered 2 types of surgeries. Plastic surgery was one. Name the 2nd key surgery. #DharmaQuiz 483. Ans: Eye surgery
  8. {Final} Name the work of Nalanda university during ancient India, that describes the 16 medicinal properties of Gold. #DharmaQuiz 484 Ans: Rasaratmna Samuchhaya (5.3 through 5.20). "Aayurlakshmee prabhatheesmrutikaram Akhila vyaadhi vidhwamsi punyam..."
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