Friday, January 7, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 39: 4-Jan-2011

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Session 39: Jan 4, 2011
Theme: Hindu Jyotish/Astrology & Cosmology, contd.
  1. What's the name of paksha or fortnight from Amavasya (new moon) to Purnima (full moon) in Hindu calendar? #DharmaQuiz 454 Ans: Shukla (gradually whitening moon)
  2. Name the full moon day which is celebrated by Hindus honouring the great sage Vyasa, who wrote down Mahabharata. #DharmaQuiz 455 Ans: Guru or Vyasa Purnima
  3. Out of the 6 rithu/ruthu/seasons in Hindu calendar, name the 1 representing pre winter in India, also having word snow in it #DharmaQuiz 456 Ans: Hemanta from root word Hima (snow)
  4. Hindus using lunar calendars adjust every 3yrs by adding an extra month to catchup with solar cal.What is that month called? #DharmaQuiz 457 Ans: Adhika Masa
  5. Name a Lunar Hindu calendar month that also has a very close match in name to one of 27 Nakshatras/zodiac/stars. #DharmaQuiz 458 Ans: Marga Shira or Mriga Shira (Head of a deer)
  6. Out of the 4 padas/quarters in Kali Yuga, which pada are we in now? #DharmaQuiz 459 Ans: First
  7. Ursa Major, the constellation, is called by what name in Hindu Astrology? #DharmaQuiz 460 Ans: Sapta Rishi (Saptarshi) Mandala
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