Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DharmaQuiz Session 37: 28-Dec-2010

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Session 37: Dec 28, 2010
Theme: Hindu Heritage in today's Pakistan geographical region
  1. Name the ancient university town, near Islamabad, #Pakistan, which derives its name from Ramayana's Bharata's descendant. #DharmaQuiz 439 Ans: Taksha Shila or Taxila on Taksha, Bharata's descendent. 
  2. A big portion of Rig Veda, the most ancient religious text, is said to be composed in which province of #Pakistan? #DharmaQuiz 440 Ans: Punjab. Read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinduism_in_Punjab#Vedic_Punjab
  3. Lahore is credited to have been founded by Lava, Rama's son. Which Pakistan city was founded by Kusha, Lava's twin brother? #DharmaQuiz 441 Ans: Kasur
  4. Name the Pakistan Punjab city, termed "city of gold" earlier, for housing an extremely large sun temple, with 6000 ppl inside it! #DharmaQuiz 442 Ans: Multan
  5. Name the Pak Punjab city, starting with 'S', said to have been founded by Mahabharata's Nakula & Sahadeva's maternal uncle. #DharmaQuiz 443 Ans: Sialkot, founded by Shalya, brother of Madri in Mahabharata
  6. Katasraj temple in Paki Punjab was the site of enchanted pool episode in Mahabharata. Who tests Yudhishtira in the scene? #DharmaQuiz 444 Ans: Yama, Yudhishtira's father in the form of an Yaksha. Temple details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katasraj_temple . Also, check out the awesome 18 wise Qs & Ans between father & son here: http://www.hindu-blog.com/2008/11/yudhishtira-and-yaksha-questions-and.html
  7. Name the imp kingdom from Mahabharata & the only province in today's Pak, where Hindus form more than 5% of total population #DharmaQuiz 445 Ans: Sindh, 6.6% as per last Pakistan census
  8. The southern door of Sarvajna or Sharada Peetha in PoK was opened only after this great monk won debates. Name him. #DharmaQuiz 446 Ans: Adi Shankara. The southern door was opened when he, representing South India, won the debates.
List of people who got answers right and indicating how many they got right:
  • @rainaamit : 8
  • @gautshen : 7
  • @TheArvindDhar : 6
  • @GirishLN : 6
  • @rohitbhatta : 5
  • @centerofright : 4
  • @NayakPradeep : 2
  • @avinashbhat01 : 2
  • @itsmesuresh : 1
  • @rsenthilkumar : 1
  • @nharipra : 1
  • @shivsankar : 1
  • @Gaandeeva : 1
  • @Karmasura : 1
  • @subodh1945 : 1
  • @Truthtriumphs : 1


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