Friday, December 24, 2010

DharmaQuiz Session 36: 24-Dec-2010

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Session 36: Dec 24, 2010
Theme: Pilgrimage centers of South Western India

  1. Name the river where 10s of millions of Ayyappa devotees take the holy bath, before ascending Sabarimala sacred hills. #DharmaQuiz 432 Ans: Pamba or Pampa
  2. In one of the most visited temples in Tamil Nadu, you will hear "Vel Muruga Haro Hara" loud chants. Name the place. #DharmaQuiz 433 Ans: Palani, Dandayudha Pani or Murugan or Subrahmanya temple
  3. Name the temple town in South Karnataka which literally means, "the place where the Lord who drank poison resides". #DharmaQuiz 434 Ans: Nanjana Gudu (Nanju = poison, Gudu = Nest)
  4. Name the 4th most daily visited temple in India today.This also hosts the max marriages & rice feeding ceremonies in Kerala. #DharmaQuiz 435 Ans: Guruvayur Krishna or Guruvayurappan temple
  5. Name the scenic hills on Karnataka TN border,that houses a famous Shiva temple as well as the largest elephant pop in India. #DharmaQuiz 436 Ans: Male Mahadeshwara Hills or MM Hills
  6. What do people generally call those wearing black, blue or saffron cloths for making pilgrimage to Sabarimala? #DharmaQuiz 437 Ans: Swami or Ayyappa, with respect.
  7. Name the gateway to Sabarimala, where Ayyappa pilgrims dance with colours, in front of a Muslim darga. #DharmaQuiz 438 Ans: Erumeli (in Malayalam means the place where buffalo/Mahishi was killed)
Refer to this map for locations of these spots:

List of people who got answers right and indicating how many they got right:
  • @TheArvindDhar : 6
  • @shibu_kt : 6
  • @AviTweets : 5
  • @NR_Tatvamasi : 5
  • @rsenthilkumar : 5
  • @VikasSaraswat : 5
  • @itsmesuresh : 4
  • @odunghat : 3
  • @sanjeevirao : 2
  • @malleshwara : 2
  • @JanardhanMukthi : 2
  • @Jattaville : 2
  • @poojarakanagar : 1
  • @msnarain : 1
  • @RaoAvirneni : 1
  • @visaraj : 1
  • @av_kv : 1
  • @lshyam : 1

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