Friday, March 18, 2016

India's national symbols and Dharmic Background

#DharmaQuiz Session 358: 18-Mar-2016

#DharmaQuiz 2181: India's national bird peacock, is also the mount of a famous Hindu Bhagawan (God of War). Who? Ans: Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva.
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#DharmaQuiz 2182: India's national flower Lotus, is also the representation of the navel of a Hindu Bhagawan. Who? Ans: Vishnu, also known as Padma Nabha (Lotus Navel).

DQ 2182. Pic: Wiki
#DharmaQuiz 2183: India's national emblem has "Satyameva Jayate" written on it. From which Upanishad is that from? Ans: Mundaka upanishad, part of Atharva Veda.

DQ 2183. Pic: blogspot

#DharmaQuiz 2184: India's national animal is the mount of Durga. Name 1 other Hindu Deva/ Devi whose mount is tiger. Ans: Ayyappa.

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#DharmaQuiz 2185: India's national fruit mango is held in hand by a Jain Devi. Name her. Ans: Ambika.

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Scores for session 358:
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