Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hindu Samskaras Involving a Child.

#DharmaQuiz Session 356: 1-Mar-2016

#DharmaQuiz 2171: What's the Sanskrit word for feeding the baby, its very first solid food in life?
#Samskara Ans: Anna Prashana

DQ 2171. Pic - blogspot
#DharmaQuiz 2172: What's the name of this Samskara, wherein the baby gets hair cut for the first time? Ans: Chudakarma.

DQ 2172. Pic: ronakgandhi.com
#DharmaQuiz 2173: What's the Sanskrit word for this Samskara, wherein the baby's ear is pierced in a ritual way. Ans: Karnavedha.

DQ 2173. Pic; staticflickr.com
#DharmaQuiz 2174: What's the Sanskrit name for naming of a baby? It's prescribed for 11th or 12th day after birth.Ans: Namakarana

DQ 2174. Pic: himalayanacademy.com
#DharmaQuiz 2175: What's the Sanskrit name for making the child write the first letter of his/her life?  Ans: Vidyarambham.
DQ 2175. Pic: bharathividyapeetha.org
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