Friday, February 13, 2015


DQ 1977: Image: Wiki
#DharmaQuiz Session 318: 10-Feb-2015

#DharmaQuiz 1976: Lord Shiva is praised with the name "Aashutosh". What does it mean? Ans: The One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly or becomes happy easily. Ans: Ashu = quick. Tosh = please.

#DharmaQuiz 1977: Shiva has a name for carrying this club like weapon in hand. What's that name of Lord Shiva? Ans: Khatvangi. The weapon is called Khatvanga.

DQ 1980: Image: indotemple
#DharmaQuiz 1978: For having an eye on the forehead, Lord Shiva has a special Sanskrit name. What is it? (Hint: starts with L). Ans: Lalataksha. Lalata = forehead.

#DharmaQuiz 1979: Give one name of Lord Shiva that is based on his cosmic dance. Ans: Nataraja.

{Final,Open till 10.00PM} #DharmaQuiz 1980: Where is this Jyotir Linga for Shiva? Said to be the last Jyotirlinga. Ans: Grishneshvara, Maharashtra (near Ellora caves).

Scores for session 318:

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