Friday, February 27, 2015

Hinduism in Vietnam

#DharmaQuiz Session 320: 27-Feb-2015

#DharmaQuiz 1986: A 4000 year old Vishnu statue was discovered in Vietnam recently.
Next to which major river? Ans: Mekong. (Ma Ganga, some say)

DQ 1986
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#DharmaQuiz 1987: Champa Kingdom in Vietnam was a famous Hindu kingdom 1600 years ago. Name any one Champa King. Ans: Bhadravarman, who ruled from 349-361CE. Others are Shambhuvarman, Vijayavarman and Simhavarman.

DQ 1987

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#DharmaQuiz 1988: Champa Hindu kingdom of Vietnam had 5 parts.
Indrapura, Amaravati, Vijaya, Kauthara (Nha Trang). Name the 5th one.
Ans: Panduranga is known today simply as Phan.

#DharmaQuiz 1989: Apart from the Champa Kingdom of Cham Hindus, another Hindu kingdom was in Vietnam 1900 years ago. Name it. Ans: Funan.

{Final,Open till 10.00PM} #DharmaQuiz 1990: Identify this Hindu deity from Vietnam. It's at My Son temple complex. Ans: Lord Shiva.

DQ 1990
Scores for session 320 were not counted. Will do it next time.

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