Friday, May 17, 2013

DharmaQuiz Session 215: 17-May-2013

Theme: Rivers from Adi Shankara's life history.
  1. Name the river that was closest to Adi Shankara's home, when he was a child. #DharmaQuiz 1441. Ans: Poorna, which is known as Periyar now.
  2. Name the river on whose bank Adi Shankara had the historic 15 day long philosophical debate with Ubhaya Bharati's husband. #DharmaQuiz 1442. Ans: Narmada river. Husaband was Mandana Mishra.
  3. Adi Shankara established a famous peetha, and made Sureshwaracharya as the peetha adhipati. On which river's bank?  #DharmaQuiz 1443. Ans: Tunga river. Established Sringeri's Sharada Peetha.
  4. Adi Shankara opened the southern door of Sarvajna peetha, which is under Pakistan's control today. On which river's bank? #DharmaQuiz 1444. Ans: Neelum or Kishenganga River.
  5. {Final,Open till 10PM} Which river is closest (10 KM) to the northernmost of the 4 mathas that Adi  Shankara established? #DharmaQuiz 1445. Ans: Dhauliganga most likely. But since it is a hilly terrain and distances are tough to measure, Alaknanda River or just Ganga is also considered. All are close enough answers.
Answers for Session 215:

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