Friday, May 3, 2013

DharmaQuiz Session 210: 26-Apr-2013

DQ 1416; Source esamskriti
Theme: Ancient Hindu Temple architecture
(except one new temple)

1) Where is this Sun temple? This grand temple is based on an  inverted lotus-base plinth. #DharmaQuiz 1416.
DQ 1417: Source: blogspot
Ans: Modhera, Gujarat.

2) Where is this 800 year old Dancing Shiva temple? Supposedly the center of  world's magnetic equator. #DharmaQuiz 1417. Ans: Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.

3) This 75 year old grand temple is the nerve center of a great order of monks in India. Where is it? #DharmaQuiz 1418. Ans: Belur Matha, Poschim Bongo.
DQ 1418; Source: BelurMath
DQ 1419: Source: lh4.ggpht
DQ 1420:  Source:
4) This Vaishnava temple is 2000+ years old. The second time built in 59 BCE. Which state is it in? #DharmaQuiz 1419. Ans: Kerala

5) 1200yrs ago, temple carved from 1 rock, scooping 400000 ton rock. Where's it? #DharmaQuiz 1420. Ans: Ellora, Maharashtra.

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