Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 74: 1-Jul-2011

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Session 74: July 1,  2011
Theme: Sampradayas or Denominations of Hindu Philosophy
  1. Name the principal acharya of Srivaishnava Sampradaya (denomination), who fought to eradicate caste system in South India.  #DharmaQuiz 704. Ans: Ramanujacharya
  2. Name the Advaita following Hindu Saint, who was the first to bring Hinduism to the west, via very articulate discourses.  #DharmaQuiz 705. Ans: Swami Vivekananda.
  3. There were 3 major theological schools of Shaivism: 1) Kashmir Shaivism 2) Saiva Siddhanta (TN & SL). Name the famous 3rd.  #DharmaQuiz 706. Ans: Veera Shaivism from Karnataka, and parts of Andhra & Maharashtra.
  4. Vaishanvism has a connection with Shakta philosophy via Goddess Durga. What is Goddess Durga called in Vaishnava philosophy? #DharmaQuiz 707. Ans: NarayaNi.
  5. Which sampradaya/denomination of Hindu philosophy did Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada take to the west?  #DharmaQuiz 708. Ans: Vaishnavism
  6. Pick the one right answer. 'Bhakti movement of medieval India was based off': a) Vedas b) Puranas c) Upanishads. #DharmaQuiz 709. Ans: b) Puranas
  7. The orthodox Nambudari community of Kerala belong to which sampradaya? Shakta, Shrauta or Shaiva? #DharmaQuiz 710. Ans: Shrauta, based on Purva Mimamsa
You can refer to this for more information regarding Hindu sampradayas:

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  1. Pick the one right answer. 'Bhakti movement of medieval India was based off': a) Vedas b) Puranas c) Upanishads. #DharmaQuiz 709. Ans: b) Puranas

    Please explain this Q

  2. I'm not sure whether this may fit the proper explaination.. Bhakthi movement is based on hymns(keerthanas,vachanas). The Puranas were actually the originator of Hymns. So may be Bhakthi movement were based on Puranas. This was what I guessed while answering that question. :)

  3. Indian Girl and Rohit: Vedas mostly consist of mantras. Upanishads are part of Vedas consisting of similar mantras/verses. Puranas on the other hand consist of stories of the Lord, like Bhagavata featuring Krishna's stories. Bhakti movement was essentially a movement wherein these stories of the Lord were sung in poetic from, or written in doha or vachana or pada forms.

    Does that explain?