Friday, July 1, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 73: 28-June-2011

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Session 73: June 28,  2011
Theme: The Holy Cow!

  1. Name the most famous personality from Hindu epics, who is associated as a good friend of go mata/ sacred cow. #DharmaQuiz 698. Ans: Krishna
  2. Samarth Ramdas was instrumental in giving 'Go Brahmana Pratipalak' title to a very famous king. Name the king/emperor. #DharmaQuiz 699 Ans: Chhatrapati Shivaji
  3. GoSwamy Tulsidas said, a cow's 4 legs indicate the four Purusharthas. Name the last Purshartha. #DharmaQuiz 700. Ans: Moksha
  4. Ancient Indian poet Kumara Vyasa termed cow as the mother figure of humans & animals. In which language did he write in? #DharmaQuiz 701. Ans: Kannada
  5. Guru Gobind Singh has prayed in his Chandi Deewar, for protection of cow family. Which Goddess did he pray to? #DharmaQuiz 702. Ans: Durga
  6. In Mahabharata the Lord says 'Gaavo Vishvasya Mataram' (Cow is the mother of this universe). To whom did he say that? #DharmaQuiz 703. Ans: To Arjuna
Just for this session, the list of people who got answers right is not being published. Thanks to all those who attempted as well as those who are silently following the tweets or blog.

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