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DharmaQuiz Session 65: 20-May-2011

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Session 65: May 20, 2011
Theme: Ashtra Chakras or Eight Vital Signs of Human Body
  1. In Atharva Veda there is a mention of 8 chakras or vital spots in a human body. Name the chakra closest to 'that' hole. #DharmaQuiz 647. Ans: Muladhara chakra
  2. Name the chakra closest to human heart in the Ashta (eight) chakra vital spot system described in Vedas. #DharmaQuiz 648. Ans: Anahata Chakra
  3. One vital chakra has the name almost same as a North Eastern state of India today. Near which body part is that chakra? #DharmaQuiz 649. Ans: Naval area (Manipuraka chakra)
  4. Most of the people meditating focus between their eyebrows. Which chakra is closest to that 'third eye'? #DharmaQuiz 650. Ans: Ajnaa Chakra or Ajyan chakra
  5. Name one of the 8 chakras referred by atharva Veda, which is closest to human thyroid gland.. having 'purity' in its name. #DharmaQuiz 651 And: Vishuddhi
  6. {Final, open till 9 PM} Name the most superiod Chakra, which literally means 'Thousand Petalled Lotus' in Tantric terms. #DharmaQuiz 652. Ans: Sahasraara Chakra
Here is the mention of these chakras in Atharva Veda, one of the holiest Hindu religious scriptures.

Ashtchakra navadwara devanam puryodhya |
Tasyam hiranyayah koshah swargo jyotishavritah || Atharva Veda 10.2.31

For more details, please read through this informative writeup:

The same Chakras (7 of the 8) described in Shakta Tantra terminology, with illustration here:

List of people who got answers right and indicating how many they got right:
  • @amitgupta_lnct : 6
  • @shibu_kt : 6
  • @svelaga : 6
  • @Lata_MV : 5
  • @Amaresh80 : 5
  • @I_am_Rajarshi : 5
  • @khaishk : 4
  • @DevNakshi : 3
  • @BKS_5 : 3
  • @zainsapan : 2
  • @idurgesh : 2
  • @sudarshvoleti : 2
  • @anish_appu8 : 1
  • @matarishva : 1
  • @_IamJyothi : 1
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