Monday, May 30, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 64: 10-May-2011

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Session 64: May, 10, 2011
Theme:  Panchopachara (5 step) Pooja
  1. While commoners apply Gandha to Gods during pooja using ring finger, some use middle finger. Which mantra experts are those? #DharmaQuiz 640. Ans: Gayatri mantra upasakas (experts)
  2. When a 5 step pooja (panchopachara pooja) is performed, what is offered to Bhagawan during the 2nd step? #DharmaQuiz 641. Ans: Patra/Pushpa : Sacred Leaves like Tulasi and flowers with fragrance
  3. While doing aarti to God, usually a circle of oval shape is followed. In which direction if we take a clock as analogy? #DharmaQuiz 642. Ans: Clockwise
  4. Before offering food to Lord, a square patch is made with water & on top of that offering is placed. What do you the patch? #DharmaQuiz 643. Ans: Mandala
  5. When offering coconut or fruits to God during Naivedya, a specific type of leaf is usually kept as the base. Which one? #DharmaQuiz 644. Ans: Betel leaves (Veelya in Sanskrit)
  6. In poojas, before offering food to the God (Naivedya), 2 steps involving fire are followed. One is Dhoopa. Name the 2nd one. #DharmaQuiz 645. Ans: Deepa (light)
  7. Why do we offer fragrant flowers to Gods during pooja? Describe in one or two sentences. #DharmaQuiz 646. Ans: Daivi Shakti (God's energy) passes through flowers, keeping a sacred environment for hours or even days; Gives a pleasing & good scented look for the folks watching and doing the pooja.
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