Friday, November 20, 2015

Festivals during the month of Kartika.

#DharmaQuiz Session 348: 20-Nov-2015

#DharmaQuiz 2126: Name one state in India, where Kartik or Kartika, named after Kartikeya, is not the eight month of their Hindu calendar. Ans: Gujarat - Kartik is the first month as their new year starts with Diwali.

#DharmaQuiz 2127: For 2000 yrs, this festival of lights during Kartika celebrated in temples & homes of TN. Name it. Ans: Kartikai Deepam.
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#DharmaQuiz 2128: Name this brother-sister festival that's very popular in Nepal during the month of Kartik. Ans: Bhai Dooj.

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#DharmaQuiz 2129: Name 1 state in India where the 1st day of Kartika month is celebrated with special puja to cows.Ans: Maharashtra, Odisha and Karnataka. It is called Go Padyami. (Padyami = Pratipada = First day)
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#DharmaQuiz 2130: Name 1 state where the 1st day of Kartika is in memory of Asura King Bali. Ans: Karnataka. Many said Kerala, but Onam is not in Kartika month.

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