Friday, July 31, 2015

18th and 19th century Hindu Gurus

#DharmaQuiz Session 340: 31-Jul-2015

#GuruPurnima special:

#DharmaQuiz 2086: Name this famous Guru from 18th century Dilli, whose birth name was Ranjit Singh. Ans: Sant Charandas.
DQ 2086. Pic - wiki
#DharmaQuiz 2087: Name this 18th century Guru, born in Ayodhya. He adopted Vishishtadvaita & started Uddhav Sampraday. Ans: Ramanand Swami.

DQ 2087. Pic: Wiki
#DharmaQuiz 2088: If you have read the famous Autobiography of Yogi, you would know this 19th century Guru. Name him.Ans: Mahavatar Babaji.

DQ 2088. Pic: Wiki
#DharmaQuiz 2089: Name this 19th & 20th century Guru whose contribution to caste discrimination removal is legendary. Ans: Narayana Guru.

DQ 2089. Pic: Wiki
#DharmaQuiz 2090: Name this 19th century Guru, who was termed as avatar of Sri Chaitanya. Ans: Vijay Krishna Gosvami.

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