Friday, April 18, 2014

DharmaQuiz Session 269: 18-Apr-2014

Theme: Ancient Indian Medicinal Scientists - Ayurveda

#DharmaQuiz 1731: Ancient scientist Charaka from 1st century BCE, was a student of which school of internal medicine? {Hint: starts with A} Ans: Atreya.

#DharmaQuiz 1732: Sushruta, scientist frm 6 cent BCE,was frm which school of surgery? {Hint: At Narayana Hrudayalaya} Ans: Dhanvantari


#DharmaQuiz 1733: Vagbhata, scientist frm 6 cent CE, was frm which ancient Indian school of gynecology and pediatrics? {Hint: starts with K} Ans: Kashyapa.

#DharmaQuiz 1734: Charaka Samhita & Sushurata Samhita are part of Brihat Trayi or Big Three of Ayurvedic literature. Which's the 3rd book? Ans: Ashtanga Hridaya of Vagbhata.

{Final,Open till 10PM} #DharmaQuiz 1735: Shilajit (black bitumen) a medicinal drug, was found in Mohenjo Daro. Which Veda talks of Shilajit? Ans: Atharva Veda. (But Rig also considered as many Atharva suktas are from Rig).

Answers to session 269:
  1. ‏@surnell : 4
  2. @GuruCharan99 : 4
  1. @deshi_mangoman : 3
  2. @man8shree : 3
  1. @KiranBjp : 2
  1. @sudhirapai : 1
  2. ‏@dr_niranjana : 1

Looks like it was a tough session. Not many on the scoreboard today.

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