Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DharmaQuiz Session 253: 21-Jan-2014

Theme: Ancient Indian systems.

#DharmaQuiz 1651: In "Dharayati Iti Dharma" explanation, what does Dharayati mean?. Ans: The one which upholds.

#DharmaQuiz 1652: Vivekananda made "Utthishtata Jagrata.." message very famous. In Vedic texts, whom did Yama Dharma gave this message to?. Ans: Yama to Nachiketas in KaThopanishad.

#DharmaQuiz 1653: The earliest known reference to zero is there in Pingalacharya's work from around 200 BCE. What was his book's name? Ans: Chhanda Shastra

Read this book, page 423: 

#DharmaQuiz 1654: Bhaskara II 's Siddhanta Siromani 6th chap, 22nd line has (11th century) reference to which fundamental force of nature?. Ans: Gravitational force.

{Final,Open till 10 PM} #DharmaQuiz 1655: Katapayaadi (कटपयादि) is found in Haridatta's work from 7th century CE. What is this system about?. Ans: Ancient Indian Number system. Also Katapayaadi sankhya also used for Carnatic music's Melakarta table.

Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katapayadi_system

Scores for session 253 could not be computed. Sorry. Will do it next time.

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