Friday, June 14, 2013

DharmaQuiz Session 220: 7-Jun-2013

Theme: Famous mathematicians of ancient India.
  1. The great mathematician of India 850 years back, Bhaskaracharya, was also the head of astronomical observatory at Ujjain, MP. Which of today's states was he born in? #DharmaQuiz 1471. Ans: Karnataka
  2. Aryabhata, the great mathematician is said to have headed an astronomical observatory in Bihar 1500 yrs ago. Near which coast of India was he born in? #DharmaQuiz 1472. Ans: West
  3. Bhaskara 1, mathematician 1400 years ago, was probably the first human to write zero as a circle. Which Indian state was he born in? #DharmaQuiz 1473. Ans: Maharashtra
  4. Varahamihira, the great astronomer 1500 yrs ago, was the first to calculate shifting of equinox in seconds. Which Indian state was he born in? #DharmaQuiz 1474. Ans: Madhya Pradesh
  5. 2400 years ago, Pingala wrote Chandashastra, first known description of a binary numeral system. Which province of Pakistan was he born in? #DharmaQuiz 1475. Ans: Punjab (Pakistan)
Sorry, could not collect all details, as I was traveling.

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