Friday, March 29, 2013

DharmaQuiz Session 205: 26-Mar-2013

Theme: Holi

1) This is a shot of a magnificent Holi celebration at a famous temple town of India. Which town? #DharmaQuiz 1386. Ans: Mathura.

2) What this type of Holi celebration called, where men are symbolically beaten by women. #DharmaQuiz 1387. Ans: Laath maar Holi.

3) This is the biggest Holi celebration in the United States. Which state this Krishna temple is in? #DharmaQuiz 1388. Ans: Utah.

4) This big Holi celebration is from Europe, in a city that was infamous for its wall. Which city? #DharmaQuiz 1389. Ans: Berlin.

5) This Holi celebration is from the southernmost tip of Africa. Which city? #DharmaQuiz 1390. Ans: Capetown.

Clue Pictures:

For DQ 1386

For DQ 1387

For DQ 1388

For DQ 1389

For DQ 1390

All credits to original photographers for these pictures. Found through internet search.

Just for this session, winners' names are not announced. Will do it for the next session.

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