Friday, June 22, 2012

DharmaQuiz Session 145: 22-Jun-2012

Theme: Pilgrimage towns of India.
  1. Name this pilgrimage town that has both Manjunatha (Shiva) and Bahubali temples. a) Shirdi b) Dharmasthala c) Guruvayur. #DharmaQuiz 1081. Ans: b) Dharma Sthala, Karnataka.
  2. Name this temple town where Balabhadra and Subhadra deities feature in Ratha Yatra. d) Tirupati. e) Kedarnath f) Puri.   #DharmaQuiz 1082. Ans: f) Puri, along with Lord Jagannath deity.
  3. There's a 1300yr old Sangameshwara temple at this UNESCO heritage site. Name the site. g) Ajanta. h) Pattadakal. i) Hampi.  #DharmaQuiz 1083. Ans: h) Pattada Kallu.  
  4. At 11483 ft above sea level, there's a Parashuram Konda temple in NE India. Where? j) Arunachal Pr. k) Assam l) Tripura. #DharmaQuiz 1084. Ans: j) Arunachal Pradesh. More here:
  5. {Final, Open till 11PM} There's a 354 yr old Lalji temple in Poschim Bongo. Where? m) Darjeeling. n) Haldia. o) Kolkata. #DharmaQuiz 1085. Ans: Haldia, Midnapore district.
Answers not computed for this one session due to lack of time on my side. Apologies.

See you in July!

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