Friday, December 30, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 110: 30-Dec-2011

Theme: Ancient India, Modern Concepts
  1. Which is the shortest Veda among the 4? #DharmaQuiz 904. Ans: Sama Veda
  2. Name the ancient Indian epic, in which possible artificial insemination technique was hinted, resulting in multiple births. #DharmaQuiz 905. Ans: Mahabharata, Birth of 100 Kauravas
  3. Vishwaruchi is termed to be the ancient Indian name for Blackhole concept. Which Upanishad is it found in? (Starts with M) #DharmaQuiz 906. Ans: Mundaka Upanishad
  4. 16 functions of human brain were first said to have been described in an Upanishad. Name it (starts with E). #DharmaQuiz 907. Ans: Eitereya Upanishad.
  5. By what name do we call Lord Shiva, when he is doing cosmic dance, symbolically describing cosmos? #DharmaQuiz 908. Ans: Nataraja
Just for this session, I will skip publishing the scores. It's the day before new year's eve, and past midnight too. Hope you will excuse me as it takes over an hour to get scores computed.

Happy new year 2012 to everyone!

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