Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DharmaQuiz Session 97: 1-Nov-2011

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Session 97: November 1,  2011
Theme: Karnataka
  1. Which river's banks is the Ramayana famed Rushya Muka hill is on? a)Tunga Bhadra. b)Yamuna c)Mahanadi. #DharmaQuiz 837. Ans: a- Tunga Bhadra
  2. Name the Atma Linga temple in coastal Karnataka that is said to have been deified by Ravana. d)Sirsi e)Gokarna f)Nanjangud. #DharmaQuiz 838. Ans: e - Gokarna
  3. In 2007 Gomateshwara statue in Karnataka was voted as 1 of the Seven wonders of India. Who was Bahubali's (Gomata) brother?  #DharmaQuiz 839. Ans: Bharata.
  4. Name the 1st Muslim poet to write in Kannada (19th century), whose Tatva padas (moral poems) are still popular among Hindus. #DharmaQuiz 840. Ans: Santa Shishunala Sharif
  5. There is a beach in Karnataka,near Gokarna, which is in the shape of the most auspicious symbol for Hindus. Name it. #DharmaQuiz 841. Ans: Om Beach

Just for this quiz, I will skip the list of tweeple who answered rightly. Too late to compile them now.

Congratulations to all those who attempted as well as those who are silently following the tweets or blog.

Watch out for  the next update. Usually these quiz sessions happen on Tuesday and/or Friday afternoon India time, while being open for at least 3 hours for answers to come in. Of course, don't forget to leave your comments & suggestions, as well as subscribe to this blog. It is just a fun way to participate in sharing of religious / spiritual knowledge.

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