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DharmaQuiz Session 47: 8-Feb-2011

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Session 47: Feb 8, 2011
Theme: Universal brotherhood and Gender equality in Vedas

1. "Yathemam vacham kalyani..." Yajur Veda 26.2 champions that Knowledge is for ALL. What does "Kalyanim vacham" mean? #DharmaQuiz 515 Ans: Auspicous/sacred word. Refer to page 9  here:

Yathemam vaacham kalyaneem avadaani janebhyah |
brahma Rajanyaabhyam Shudraya Chaaryaya cha svaya chaaranaaya cha |
Priyo devaanaam dakshinaayai daaturiha bhuyaasamayam me kaamah
Samrudhyasaamupa maado namatu ||

So that I may speak the blissful Word to the masses of the people,
to the brahmana and the rajanya (kshatriya),
to the shudra and the vaishya,
to our own men and to the stranger.
Dear may I be to the devas and to the giver of the sacred gifts here.
May this my wish prosper; may that be mine.

2. "Na dwiteeyo, na triteeyo.." Atharva Veda 13.4.16-18, 20 declares that there is one GOD. What does the word 'Uchyate' mean? #DharmaQuiz 516 Ans: "it is called" or "it is Known as" or "it is said so"

Na dviteeyo na triteeyaschaturtho naapyuchyate |
Na panchamo na shashthah saptamo naapyuchate |
Naashthamo na navamo dashamo naapyuchate |
tamidam nigatam sahah sa esha eka ekavrideka eva ||

No second God, no third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth or tenth.
This energy is fully within HIM. This God is only ONE.

3. "Swayam vajins tanvam.." Yajur Veda 23.15 calls upon a human to take care of body well. What does 'Mahimaa' mean? #DharmaQuiz 517 Ans: Highness

"Ashvam Maa Himseehi" says Yajur Veda 13.42 preaching Ahimsa. What does 'Maa" there mean? #DharmaQuiz 518 Ans: Don't 

4. "Ajyeshtaso akanishthaso.." Rig Veda 5.60.5 declares universal brotherhood sans discrimination. What does "kanishtha' mean? #DharmaQuiz 519 Ans: Lower or Inferior

Ajyeshthaso Akanishthasa ete sam bhrataro vavriduh saubhagaaya ||
These humans.. no one is superior, no one is inferior.
They are brothers working with unity for collective betterment.

5. "Sujataaso janusha .." Rig Veda 5.59.6 disqualifies birth based discrimination. What does 'Sujata' mean? #DharmaQuiz 520 Ans: Born in a good (superior) family

Sujaataaso Janushaa Prishnimaataro divo maryaah ||
Those who treat earth as God (Tillers) too, due to being human children on the bright Lord, are by birth superior only.

6. "Tvam Stree Tvam Pumanasi.." Atharva Veda 10.8.27 prohibits gender discrimination. Give one Sanskrit synonym of Stree. #DharmaQuiz 521 Ans: Mahila, naari

Tvam Stree Tvam Pumaanasi Tvam Kumara uta vaa Kumari ||
You have been a woman, a man, a boy and a girl. Now just a human

7. "Sa me shraddham cha medham.." Atharva Veda 19.64.1 encourages open mindedness. What does 'Medha' mean? #DharmaQuiz 522 Ans: Intelligence, intellect, Wisdom

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